The Journal of Medics International (JMI) seeks to educate and unite medical practitioners and scientists worldwide. Areas of emphasis for the journal include medical education, health and medical ethics, and the influence of religion on medicine.

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Medics International (JMI) is an open access, peer-reviewed, International journal of medical and health sciences in all fields of Medicine and Public Health.

Focus Areas:

  1. Global education in health and allied sciences
  2. Traditional and alternative medicine
  3. Global diversity of current practice, challenges, solutions, and cultural influences on health and medicine.
  4. Role of faith/religion in the historical and current practice of medicine.
  5. Comparative health and medical ethics
  6. Highlight health, humanitarian, and disaster relief efforts worldwide, including activities of Imamia Medics International


  1. Sharing dialogue among global leadership by publication of high quality articles and research in all discipline of Medicine and allied health sciences
  2. Create a forum for development of a manual of Medical and Health Ethics
  3. Forming networks, partnerships, and promoting coordination of academicians worldwide.
  4. Encourage publications by scientists in developing countries by forming partnerships with senior scholars.