Message From Dr. Arshed Quyyumi

        We at Medics International are delighted to launch the Medics International Virtual University (MIVU), an excellent resource for disseminating information using state-of-the-art online videos, lectures and interviews. With increasingly rapid advances in scientific knowledge and its adaptation into clinical practice of medicine and allied sciences, there is a crucial need for harnessing e-learning technologies that enables its’ rapid and effective dissemination. With these goals in mind, the Academic Council of Medics International is launching MIVU.

Together with our online, open access Journal of Medics International, we hope to accomplish our longstanding goal for creating state-of-the-art educational platforms that will be accessible to all around the globe, help connect the global community, encourage dialogue and reduce current health and educational disparities. Our overarching goal is to educate and inform medical practitioners, scientists, and the public worldwide using this visual and interactive medium. MIVU provides easily accessible, flexible and potentially more effective access to information and education. Using slides, didactic lectures, discussions and related formats, we hope to engage a diverse and international audience on this virtual platform.

Areas of emphasis for the MIVU include general discussions for the lay public on issues related to their health, more advanced courses for practitioners, allied topics including medical education, health and medical ethics, and the influence of culture and faith in medicine. To facilitate this process, MIVU will have a subscription free and open access.

We invite you to contact us regarding talks, slides or course materials that you would like to share with us on this platform. All requests will be reviewed by the Journal of Medics International editorial board. For accessing MIVU please register and click on Learning Management System (LMS) link given at the top.    

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We are delighted to inform you that the Journal of Medics International is ready to accept your submissions.

This open access online journal will publish high quality articles in all fields of health sciences. It will have a broad readership across the globe with IMI membership in 20 countries. The areas of publication in this journal include all disciplines of health sciences, with particular emphasis on medical ethics and medical education.

We will accept original manuscripts, review articles,short communications, case reports, conference reports, letters to the editor, and guest editorials.

All submissions will be peer reviewed by an international panel of reviewers. The final version will be available on line, shortly after acceptance.

To submit, please follow the guidelines

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